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The Making of The Promise: Call of the Clans

Hi chums, Caitlin here today. I'm re-sharing all my blog posts on the making of our album The Promise. I'm starting with the last track first! Call of the Clans is the final track on the album and holds a special place in my heart. I have waxed lyrical in this blog post, so if you love history and music, then put your feet up! XX Call of the Clans 'A lone piper stands sentinel on the Scottish hillside, As through the heavy mists, the clansmen advanced. From the far corners of Scotland they came, United against a common foe To fight for freedom In a battle that would echo through the ages As one of the bloodiest of them all; Culloden.' And so we reach the end...the final track... Call of the Clans ! If you've read every post on every song, I thank you! Well, Call of the Clans ….Neil and I did 'um and ahh' over whether to include this track on the album. It is very different from every other song and we did wo

How I write songs: Tips, tricks & resources

Hey chums, Caitlin here today. This is a blog post I wrote some time ago, but it's still very relevant so I thought I would share it with you on my new Blog. Hope you enjoy it.  How I write songs,   by Caitlin Grey (Harvey/Grey Music) Writing about song writing is a bit weird! As I’m sure many other creative people will tell you, song writers (unless they are also teachers) don’t usually have to analyse the mechanics of what they do. In general, I don’t really think about how I write songs, I just do it! When I first began teaching singing and performance, explaining how I sing and perform came quite naturally, as you could argue that teaching itself is a form of performance. But song writing...mmm? Song writing (to me at least) is a rather personal endeavour, generally involving copious cups of tea and choccy biccies and executed behind closed doors in a small, airless studio. mysterious and secret! When you decide to share how you do it and write it down, y

Folk songs: A living history we must cherish and protect.

  Folk songs: A living history we must cherish and protect. by Caitlin Grey I love folk songs.  I admit it. I am a folk song aficionado.  I grew up listening to them, learning them, singing them. When I was a very young child, my mother taught me many songs from her homeland of Ireland and she also introduced me to her favourite songs from other parts of the world, mostly from Scotland and America.  At school, I learned many more songs from diverse places such as Spain, Israel and Hungary and Australia! My early childhood was infused with this music; rich and varied in its heritage. I loved it.  Folk songs are part of our shared history. No matter where we are from. They are, in fact, a living history, as they continue to be performed to this day. More than that, new folk songs, by new singers and songwriters are being composed and performed.   Eventually, these ‘new’ songs will also find their way into the canon, taking their rightful place among the songs of old; enhancing and augmen